Friday, September 29, 2006

Lucca, Italy & bicycles

For our research trip to Tuscany, we may set up our base in Lucca, not far from Barga, the homeland of the Equi tribe. The New York Times featured "The Riches of Lucca" in Travel this past Sunday. A sidebar by Pableaux Johnson described both the practicality and charm of getting around Lucca by bicycle. Le Mura di Lucca is a medieval battlement that rises 40 feet and creates a 2.5 mile belt around the town's center. It is well-preserved and has become an elevated promenade and "workaday velodrome."

Flickr photo from Max'78.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Portland research trip

The Portland Building
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Michael is in Portland OR this week, visiting libraries and archives (like OHS and SPARC) to gather information for the biography project. Pablo and I miss you and hope you have a productive and safe trip.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Anarchy in the UK

A meeting called "Anarchism and Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power" happens in November at the University of Leeds. Two talks look at historical perspectives:

Influential Antecedents: Sexual Dissidence in the First Wave Anarchist Movement, and its Subsequent Narratives
Jenny Alexander, Department of Media and Film at the University of Sussex

Dynamiters and Degenerates: Homosexuals and Anarchists at the Fin de Si├Ęcle.
Judy Greenway, Cultural Studies at the University of East London

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hilda Bernstein: woman activist (obituary)

An obituary in the New York Times today recorded the death of Hilda Bernstein, an anti-apartheid activist.

Ms. Bernstein moved from London to South Africa in 1932 at the age of 17. She was "a fiery orator" and was elected to office from 1943 to 1946. According to a website by her son, Rusty Bernstein, she was arrested and convicted in 1946 for assisting an illegal strike of black mineworkers. She lived in exile after the Rivonia Trial in 1964. She returned home to South Africa after then 1994 democractic elections, when the Government of National Unity (GNU) began.

Ms. Bernstein was the author of The World that was Ours. She was also an artist, represented by the Guernica Gallery of Graphic Arts in Santa Barbara, CA.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stormy Petrel Protest of the Month: Peruvian farmers protest Yanacocha Gold Mine

For the August Protest of the Month, Stormy Petrel recognizes the Peruvian farmers who blocked the roads to the Yanacocha mine, shutting down work at the largest gold mine in Latin America on Friday, August 25.

The picture is from the galleries of Grufides, an environmental and social justice organization in the area that has documented the impacts of the mine on the local environment.

In the weeks before the mine was shut down, tempers had been short, in part due to the death of Isidro Llanos on August 2. Llanos died when he and about 100 other protesters entered the mine area and clashed with police and mine employees. But conflict has a long history in the region, and the unrest at Yanacocha was not a surprise to the owner of the mine - Denver's Newmont Mining Corp. Newmont's 2005 annual report (PDF) even has a 1-page "focus" on the issue.

Google Earth users can search for "Cajamarca, Peru" and then see the large pit mine about 9 miles north of that town.

As the shutdown of the mine dragged on over the weekend and into this week, Peruvian President Alan Garcia Perez (whose father was a political prisoner in Peru in the fifties) took heat from business interests for not using force to get the protesters out of the way. Negotiations between the protesters and Newmont were mediated by the government of Peru and have led to an agreement, reported Wednesday in the Houston Chronicle.

Stormy Petrel Protest of the Month is a reflection on the phenomenon of protest in current history. Stormy Petrel puts the spotlight on protests to pay tribute to Marie Equi's protests, which are the main reason that we know about her life today. Protest of the Month began with a look at the strike by the National Education Workers' Union in Oaxaca - a protest that led to unrest that continues today, according to MarketPlace Radio. Your nominations for Protest of the Month are welcome.