Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pardons Granted for Sedition - New York Times

These four people were among 78 convicted of sedition during World War I by the state of Montana who will be posthumously pardoned today (photo, Montana Historical Society).

The New York Times quotes Montana governor Brian Schweitzer:
"I'm going to say what Gov. Sam Stewart should have said," Mr. Schweitzer said, referring to the man who signed the sedition legislation into law in 1918. "I'm sorry, forgive me, and God bless America, because we can criticize our government."

If those imprisoned by the states can be pardoned, can our President pardon those convicted in the federal courts, such as Marie Equi? Here in San Francisco, many people were tried for sedition in the federal courthouse. The federal judges were known to show little sympathy, especially for people of German ancestry.

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